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tv   ABC7 News at 5  ABC  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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have a boyfriend" and, "are you going to glen mont?" he dragged her to the empty train car and prosecutors say hicks raped the woman as the train moved through the fourth glen and the wheaton station. when the train reached glen mont, hicks fled but useed the smart card at the fare gate. they were able to identify him. >> a crime like this at knife point, while they run at 10:00 in the morning is a threat to the public good. >> he has a lengthy criminal record, including three previous sexual assault convictions. two against children. >> this victim is innocent victim. she is just riding the train after long hard shift at work. unfortunate occurrence that mr. hicks preyed upon her. that is why we believe he is a danger to the public and should be held on
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kevin: this case has a lot of people asking a lot of questions. one being why didn't anyone try to help the woman? the fact is prosecutors say hicks and the alleged victim were alone on the train allowing the sexual assault to continue for multiple train stops. just horrible. live in silver spring, i'm kevin lewis, abc7 news. leon: thank you. covering metro now. word that speed restrictions are still in effect on the blue, orange and silver line through mcpherson square. the slowdown started last week but the repairs didn't wrap up over the weekend as planned. the restriction could stay in place until friday. that means give yourself extra time if you are using that stretch of track. alison: we have breaking news. this is surrounding a federal investigation into virginia governor terry mcauliffe. cnn is reporting that the f.b.i. and the justice department are now looking in to whether or not some of the governor's campaign contributions violated the law. spokesperson for the goveor
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been notified by investigators and they will cooperate if they are contacted. >> today is a statement. it's a statement here today. leon: a lot of emotion on display outside the courthouse today after one of the officers who arrested freddie gray was cleared of all charges. a judge found officer edward nero not guilty after a bench trial. maryland bureau chief brad bell was in the courtroom when the verdict was read and has the latest. i had to be quiet a scene. brad: it was quiet a scene. it didn't last long outside the courtroom. tonight there is peace and quiet at city hall, at courthouse and across town. for officer edward nero, he did walk out of the courthouse a free man. he knows he will not be facing any jailtime. he is not entirely out of the woods yet. he still faces interim police review. the dramatic moment in court. judge barry williams reading the ve
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his eyes as he realizes what is about to happen. judge williams, not guilty on all four counts. nero exhaling and seeming to tear up. then issue a statement that he and his family is elated that the nightmare is over. outside the courthouse a different scene. small but a vocal group of protesters profess ageer -- profess anger at the verdict. >> you look at the flag. liberty and justice for all. when do we start? brad: naacp president unhappy with the verdict but urge respect for the system. >> in baltimore it is history we got this far for police to be on trial. brad: edward nero's case long viewed as one of the weakest brought by the state attorney. charged with assault, reckless endangerment and two counts of
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yet the role in the arrest and handling of freddie gray was minimal in the eyes of judge barry williams. for that reason, the judge says he broke no laws. gray family attorney billy murphy actually praising the judge. >> i'm not saying i agree with his decision or disagree with the decision. i commented him for conducting a fair trial. brad: statement from the mayor and the chief of police urging the city to respect the system and the verdict of this judge. in baltimore, brad bell, abc7 news. leon: all right. thank you. officer nero is just the second of six officers slated to be tried in the freddie gray death case. lisa fletcher has live team coverage from the "live desk" in the newsroom. what is up next? lisa: next up is office caesar goodson jr. he faces the most serious charges.
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second-degree murder. his trial was set to begin in january but it got postponed at the last minute until an appeal filed by the first officer tried william porter was resolved. you will remember porter trial ended with a hung jury. legal observers closely following the proceedings say today's verdict in the nero case will likely have implications moving forward. they anticipate renewed pleas to move remaining cases outside the city and they suspect judge williams, the judge who today acquitted officer edward nero will likely not preside over the remaining five cases. >> i guess it is the difference between being a participant in the case versus being umpire. before he was just asked to call balls and strikes but now he is a batter in the game. lisa: that aside, officials with the maryland court says as of right now there is no indication anything will change and judge williams will preside over the remaining cases.
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set for a few weeks from today. they will end with the trial of alicia white in mid-october. reporting live from the desk, abc7's senior investigative reporter lisa fletcher. alison: also tonight we are waiting for new video from the university of maryland. this is a prepper spray incident that took -- a pepper spray incident that took place over the weekend. two people were arrested at a party on campus apartment early saturday morning. campus police say they will release body camera video of one of the officers involved with this. we will get that to you as soon as we get it. leon: the meantime, breaking news coming in. two women shot in northeast washington. diane cho just got to the scene in mobiletrak7. she checks in live. what is going on out there?
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the officer have blocked off this section as they continue the investigation of what happened before the shooting took place. two women were shot at the location. you can see how close it is to the caesar chavez charter school in hay street northeast. both women were conscious and breathing at the time. we do know that we are working right now rather on trying to get more information about what happened here. waiting for the officers here at the scene to provide details. as soon as we have that information we will bring it to you. leon: all right. you got it. get back when you can. more rain moves in the area. alison: doug hill has a check on the everything forecast. doug: we have steering and sunshine. then it started to spin in moisture. the sun here and the air
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now we have showers and the thunderstorms popping to the northeast that move toward metro. for the next couple of hours more pattern and showers. the whole will move to the close. overnight the showers will end. it is going to feel like summer. leon: new developments to report. on the trial and the attorney accused of takes his wife former boss hostage. northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg was in the courtroom when lee owe fisher took the stand against andrew schmul. >> at the start of system fisher asked about a confrontation with andrew schum five months before the crime. andrew's wife alicia a
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partner was having a personnel issue. and andrew showed up to fight it. he was aggressive and he kept raising his voice. louder and louder. then they later held fisher and his wife hostage. on that night, fisher said they burst through the front door tasering him and zip tieing the hands and feet. they repeated stabbing him in the neck and shoulder. at one point duncan ran in screaming as fisher yelled out he is murdering me. scmul mocking fisher, "what is this? from the muppets?" asked about it during the ordeal fisher said he was going through it systemically, talking like somebody
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control. the trial will resume in the morning. alison: majority of voters have unfavorable opinion of donald trump and hillary clinton. trump has 60% unfavorable rating. clinton who once led the poll by double digits now 53% unfavorable rating. bernie sanders is the only one liked more than disliked. today's instapoll is asking o
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election? the numbers on the screen are changing right now. join in. leon: boeing is going to sell planes to the privately own airline. president obama announced lifting of arms embargo between the u.s. and vietnam. >> the sales will need to meet the strict requirements. this will ensure vietnam has access to equipment to defend it. leon: the president took a nighttime tour and then ate dinner with chef bordain. alison: members of naval
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plebes no more. every year the first year students work together to climb the grease-covered monument. the tradition began in 1940. leon: congratulations. alison: i guess. leon: shower up. coming up on "abc7 news at 5:00" -- hovering above. see why the car was left hanging above a city street. >> after the rain we have seen local winery doing everything they can to keep their crop healthy. i'm amy aubert with how they are doing it coming up. alison: later a brutal attack. right outside a local school is caught on camera. how you can find the culprit. leon: but first, the new tool that is used in the search to look for the black boxes from
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jonathan: i'm jonathan elias at the "live desk" in t
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804. there are reports that the search crews are hearing pings from the black boxes. they may be closer to finding them. they could come from miles away. i vanished from radar last friday. 66 people were on board the plane. there was smoke from the cockpit area or the forward part of the aircraft. moments before the plane started to lose altitude. from the "live desk" i'm jonathan elias. back to you. leon: now to china where a regular afternoon took a scary turn. look at this. this is four cars in a tree collapsing into a sinkhole. poom were eating lunch and the whole was 15 feet long and nine feet deep. firefighters had to use a crane to pull the cars out
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no one was hurt. close call. leon: clouds are parting way for a little while. we saw sun. alison: a little while. as amy aubert explains for a local winery that means working double time to make sure the wet weather does not take a toll on the grapes. for workers, a break from the rain. means back to work. >> there is always more mud. amy: growing grapes for 35 years. when it comes to dreary weather he has seen it all. >> the consistent thing about the weather is it's inconsistent. be prepared for the challenges. >> in the form of rain drops. >> we have diseases that will come in. things that will start to make the things go bad. >> crews spent today with
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process which increases the air flow and prevents disease. >> they also hit the lower as tractors doing everything they can to keep the plants healthy. >> , of prevention is worth a pound of cure. we would rather not deal with the curative aspect. in the process we would lose grapes. amy: they haven't seen major damage so far but it doesn't mean they haven't taken a hit. >> the biggest loss is sales in the tasting room. on rainy days, customers don't come out and enjoy a gallas of wine. amy: taking advantage of a glimpse of sunshine getting ahead before the next rain arrives. in leesburg, amy aubert, abc7 news. leon: hot and dry. nice stretch of it for a while. alison: yeah. that would be nice. doug: we go both ways. long stretches. couple of week of dry weather. five week of the rainy pattern. warmer for sure but not a long dry pattern. let's
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mclean. an langely school. time lapse going today. i thought we would. trust me, it's louddy there all day long and will be cloudy for several hours but eventually the sun will shine over the viewing areas for several days. 77 in leesburg. plenty of sunshine. areas are closer to 70 degrees. the clouds with the rain dropped back in the 60's. we have plenty of showers to keep an eye on. there are heavy bands over the eastern sore. nasty cell. northeast of easton. good line from baltimore. it's all moving northeast to southwest. not the normal travel pattern for showers and storms. they are all induced by a low pressure center off the coast of maryland and delaware. close in gaithersburg. reston and beyond. if
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and the bigger area to keep an eye on. this area is impressive. we are moving through baltimore at 5:41. it will get in district before 7:00. there is your time for you. towson is my hometown. they will be okay. 5:26. you see down the pike through 6:08 in columbia and to the city before 7:00. most of this after sunset will die out. we stay cloudy and muggy. overnight, the whole system, the storms here. spinning the moisture over. this is 10:30 tonight in the future cast. northwesterly winds to bring us nicer air and set us up for sunshine. high pessure
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what will happen later is a taste of summer. the temperatures will climb in the mid-perhaps to the upper 80's. late wednesday night to thursday and friday, not only are we getting the higher temperatures but the higher humidity levels so it's warm and humid. with that air in place it will mean the afternoon and the everything showers and the thunderstorms are possibility. we are talk about the beach travel weather. heading east or southeast to virginia beach, delaware beaches, ocean city. looks like sunshine in the morning. afternoon late day thunderstorms. 87 degrees. a good way to kick off. however the weekend at the beaches there are questions. saturday the beaches are cooler. 70's. the clouds increase on sunday. monday, water temperature is 58 to 63. the computer model are also trying to develop a system north of the florida coast in the weekend. if it moves northward that could affect the beaches more than this. we will keep a close eye on it. the thing to think about now is don't c
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a pattern here. monday afternoon and things change. computer models continue to refine. change the forecast. modify it a bit. look at the numbers. the mid-to-upper 80's. haven't seen it since september. leon: last year! alison: it will feel like summer compared to what we have had. great. scientists are working on new technology to deliver a big blow to wrinkles. leon: i thought it said ankles. alison: that is a totally different story. leon: different story. closer look at that. how accurate the fit bit on your wrist might be. still ahead on five -- "abc7 news at 5:00". >> but first a look at what is coming up on abc7 --
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one day a rider made a decision.
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"7 on your side" with health matters. you have been told all your life you only have one skin and you should take care of it. but scientists want to give you a second skin. that is the name of the product that is supposed to make your skin look better and it can even possibly treat conditions like eczema and psoriasis. >> almost create something invisible, breathable, could coat the skin, prote
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perhaps deliver drugs to it. perhaps even make it look better. alison: the f.d.a. says the polymer based product is safe. a dermatologist professor says it may be a temporary fix for wrinkles. anderson believes second skin will be on the market in a few years. leon: "7 on your side" now with a consumer alert about popular fit bit monitors. the attorneys commissioned a study to look at how accurate they really are. researchers at cal state poly tech nick university found they could be off by 20 beat per minute measuring the heart rate. sometimes it didn't record any heart rate at all. listeria scare forcing a recall of the sunflower seed products. voluntary recall impacts those made by planters and the sun rich natural. it includes papa john oriental salad with the sell by date
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they were manufactured by sun optum and told in two dozen states. so far no illnesses reported. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- counting coin. "7 on your side" puts the coin counting machines to the test. is there viral social immediate -- >> in a viral social media post a former wizard player says a woman wasn't allowed to sit by him on a plane due to race. we have reaction from riders coming up. >> a student at a prestigious private d.c. high school attacked and robbed in front of t
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♪ stand by me alison: breaking news out of hawaii. five people died in small plane crash. off kauai 90 minutes ago. it happened in a sky diving tour. the ntsb is working to determine a cause of that crash. at this hour. we'll keep you updated. leon: tonight police are asking for your help out there to find three people behind a brutal attack that happened outside of a d.c. school. stephen tschida is live on davenport street northwest and monitoring the story. tell us about it. stephen: this happened april
5:31 pm
27. in front of georgetown day. that is a press citious private high school. about 1:30 in the afternoon. the substitute walking right -- the student walking right here encounter three individuals and they attack him, beat him and rob him. the surveillance video caught it all go down. brutal, even by the d.c. street crime standards. student walks in front of georgetown day high school. three superintendents -- three students approach him and one punches him and knocks him to the ground. but instead oaf just robbing him the suspects who appear to be teenagers or young adults continue to punch and kick the student. >> 17. ran outside. my best friend saw it from the window. crazy. >> the suspects make off with the eye phone, sunglasses and the suspect's debit card. the attack in the middle of the school day and feet from the school has some in the neighborhood deeply troubled. >> there has been other assaults here in this neighborhood.
5:32 pm
robbed and stuff. >> the sidewalk in front of georgetown day receives a lot of foot traffic, especially mild day when the students are coming and doing. >> you wonder if it will be worse in the summer. stephen: tonight the search is on for the suspects but the surveillance video is taken from a good distance and the images of the suspects are grainy and unclear. for georgetown day it has fall on the the police to work with the students. >> they had a police officer come to school to brief us on safety around the area. people are being more cautious and careful now. stephen: we did hear from georgetown day who say they responded to the student's need, got him medical attention and are working with the d.c. police. so, as for the student, we do understand he is doing well now. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: all right. thank you. well, the search is on tonight for the man accused of
5:33 pm
saturday. then getting into a gun fight with police before crashing his get-away car. then carjacking a second car. one person was shot. that person is expected to be fine. but police are looking for the suspect. so far we have not heard any kind of description. leon: bank service that you see less and less of. coin counting machines in the bank lobby to tally up the change. now they're using the commercial ones at grocery stores. we want to know how accurate they are. joce sterman has the story by the numbers. joce: you can call them "pennies from heaven" but counting up all of your loose change is nothing short of pure hell. >> it isn't the money. it's the nuance. joce: we hear you. putting a dollar figure on the amount of change you dig out
5:34 pm
"7 on your side" is on your side and we did it anyway. turning $300 in cash to a hefty bag of change. this is what $300 in change looks like. we dragged it to the scale. then loaded it up to see the weight. >> 27 pounds. >> that is heavy money. joce: we're not testing scales. it's the count counting machines we want to measure. >> no one was wants to count forever. >> that's what we did. divvying up the penny, nickels, dimes, quarters. to see if the machine you trust are right on the money. >> i have no reason to think it wouldn't be sack -- be accurate. joce: but we wanted to know for sure. so we sent the hidden bag of change and hidden cameras to have them double check the math. we tested six machines a it the growry stores and retailers waiting while a machine c
5:35 pm
the last drop. every time at every location the machine aced our test of basic addition. $50 on the nose. but not without practicing some subtraction along the way. it will cost you 10% of the hard earned coin. >> is that what they do? i thought it was free. >> some banks will count coins for no charge, these take a little cash off the top unless you trade in for a gift card. we know the best present is not having to count all the money yourself. joce sterman, abc7 news. alison: interesting. have you heard of the "pink tax"? price differences based on general. attorneys general in the area are calling it discrimination. "7 on your side" consumer investigator kimberly suiters is here with the preview of the report. kimberly, what is so special that
5:36 pm
more? kimberly: you and i are wearing it and leon is in blue. that is very special. consumers are charged more for pink. in this case we found this today. these are $2 more. pretty sure they both cut the same. not everything is pink. the deodorant with the same ingredients or similar. the one marketed for females costs more. a last example here. dry cleaning, right? the guy's one, big one, $2. the little one for ladies $5 minute 75. take a look -- ladies is $5.75. look. even duct tape. pink duct tape costs more than the blue one. yes. stuff marketed to little girls as well. roller skates, green is less expensive than the pink one. they look at the popular items and found items that are marketed to women cost more 40% of the time.
5:37 pm
practice? >> i hit the is. women get paid less and they pay more for stuff they need. kimberly: "7 on your side" goes under cover at several local stores to track gender prices differences. you will see what happens when "7 on your side" asks for new laws to end the pink tax. that is tonight at 11:00. back to you. alison: look forward to it. thank you, kimberly. see you tonight. still to come at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- summer jobs push. how the district's annual program is shaping up for kids this year. >> deputies say he was just 17 years old when he helped lure a young woman to a stafford county road and killed her. wall of justice is next. leon: plus, long airline wait prompt people to wait in line to avoid waiting in line. how long you see less
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new year'ssteve: it's only mondt time to look at the weekend. we will start morning off with 60's. lower 80's by 1:00. by 6:00, upper 80's. beaches lower 70's. if you stay in town it's a bit warmer. middle 80's on saturday and sunday. 80 and a chance for s
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jennifer: hello. i'm jennifer donelan in the wall of justice. we begin with a case of 21-year-old woman kidnapped and killed. can you help find her killer? the stafford county sheriff department turning to the wall of justice for search for henry menjivar who wanted in gang-related murder of 21-year-old woman a decade ago. d.c. police need your help, too locating crystal ross for burglary. prince william county detectives looking for alexander flores aguilar for murder. they are searching for jamael in a robbery case.
5:42 pm
your help to find baroq for failing to show up for court. tonight the spotlight is on alexander flores-aguilar. on march 18, he with two other suspects arranged to meet a man to buy drugs in manassas. the encounter turn deadly when the trio tried to rob the man according to police. man tried to run away aguilar and his group opened fire and shot and killed him. he is the only suspect the police have not been able to find. >> he is considered armed and dangerous and believed to reside or be in area of manassas. jennifer: he is six feet tall, weighs 150 pounds, 21 years old, has black hair and brown eyes and is wanted for murder. they want to get him off the wall of justice and put him behind bars. if you can help find this wall of justice fugitive call
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i'm jennifer donelan. see you next week. leon: join us wednesday. we will have a town hall discussion on heroin abuse and live reports from the communities struggling across the country. you are invited to be part of the live studio audience. log on to and fill out the audience participation form and join us for the discussion on wednesday. alison: coming up at "abc7 news at 5:00" -- letting it all go. we will tell you why the coach is shaving her head and how much it's helping. leon: first, strangers on a train. reaction to an nba star's post getting snubbed by another passenger
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alison: developing story out of hollywood where an actor is slashing out in an interview over the weekend. elijah wood says there is an epidemic of child abuse. the 35-year-old started acting when he was 8 years old. he says he was never abused he says plenty of other child actors are preyed upon by vipers in
5:47 pm
leon: the late marion barry started the program and now the students are trying to meet with the perspective employers. >> 135 employers will participate today. you have the department of public works and the metropolitan police department prepared to interview adults. the community based organizations are here to talk about the opportunities they could have this summer. marion barry summer youth employment program provides jobs for young men and women ages 14 through 24. 12,000 youth will receive jobs this summer. >> its a rite of passage in d.c. to have an opportunity at 14 to work and see what you want to do or never want to do again. >> it's an opportunity for the youth to ha
5:48 pm
summer. when people don't have stuff to do the kids get in trouble. >> applicants must provide proof of age and d.c. residency and a social security card and have permission to work this the united states. the jobs start june 27 and run through august 5. in southwest washington, suzanne kennedy, abc7 news. alison: now time for a check of the roadways. jamie sullivan is on traffic watch for us. jamie: this rain is causing a big issue for us in many areas. many areas we don't usually see it like the toll road. outbound to 66. it's under 40 minutes. if you are catching a flight you usually leave an hour to get there. an hour and 45 minutes. it's slower than usual. traveling then on the inner loop of the capital beltway. take a look. you can really get a good idea here. this is the inner loop bumper to bumper. outer look you see the sheen on the road.
5:49 pm
causing delays. 30 minutes on the inner loop. there is extra congestion. no major accidents. hope it will stay that way. turn on the headlights. look at traffic. alison: thank you. trip turned to a nightmare when a group were trapped in a snowstorm. 36 people were trapped including several children. they were on a day trip. there is more severe weather expected tonight. they are trying to fly them out to safety. >> it's winter there. >> exactly. right. the worst case scenario if you think of a blizzard is being trapped. for a day. leon: right now we are just trapped in yuck! alison: we are. leon: that's what we've got here. alison: you look out today, raining again. enough already.
5:50 pm
sunshine and blue skies for a while. this is the beginning of a big change. you will notice it tomorrow. but we are in the throes of clouds and rain and thunderstorms. get you started with a look at bethesda country club in chevy chase. or the congressional country club in bethesda. i'll figure it out. the skies are dark. there have been showers and there will be more. everything is coming from the top right to bottom left. moving northeast to southwest. the north of annapolis and the heavy rain moving to d.c. metro area. i got report of owen in northern calvert county, maryland. hail there violence of peas. it's -- hail there that are the size of peas. these are moving southwest. this is due to a pressure area. the effect is s
5:51 pm
atmosphere. bringing us more element on shore. mid-to-upper level bringing southwest. a couple more hours of this. later tonight it will settle down and it may remain cloudy. sunrise the skies should clear. the temperatures are 54 to 59 degrees. tomorrow a different day. partly cloudy skies. warmer, drier, highs that are getting up to 79 degrees. no threat of rain tomorrow. wednesday dry and warm in mid-80's. thursday and friday warmer and more humid. partly cloudy. chance of thunderstorms both days. dry saturday and 85. sunday and monday partly cloudy with the highs in the 80's. chance of thunderstorms each afternoon. that is the latest. nothing severe. downpours and hailstones. back to you. leon: not great baseball weather. erin: but at least the fans will be rewarded if they go to tonight's nationals game. they are back in town. it's max scherzer bobblehead night. what a treat! the nats are back in town after successful road tr
5:52 pm
series against the mets and marlins. they will host mets tonight. hear from players coming up at 6:00. george mason head lacrosse coach jesse morgan has a new look for a good cause. she shaved her head to raise awareness for pediatric cancer research. robert burton has the story. >> the george mason lacrosse coach sat in the chair. not for a quick tease. >> are you just cutting? >> we are going to shave it. >> the sweet locks were coming off. >> i'm nervous about losing my hair. it will grow back. i am fortunate to choose to lose my hair. come don't. robert: she led it all go. at the same time, snipping away at pediatric cancer. >> a cute ponytail. robert: a child is doing noised with cancer every two minutes in the united states. number t
5:53 pm
>> yes. >> it meant a lot to support the people going through the challenge. to shave my hair. and kind of show them that we are in support. there are people out there willing to do what they can to support the cause. i saw it in college when i went to virginia that there were people shaving their heads. at that time i didn't feel like i could. barriers in the way. at this point in my career and at this point in life i felt like this is the time. stage for me to do it. i just took the leap and did it. erin: what a great example for her players. she's absolutely beautiful. she looks great. leon: it's not hard when you are cute like that. it's different if she wasn't cute. looks great. alison: i love the people supporting her. nice going, coach.
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alison: in a couple of social media posts this weekend a former washington wizards player called out a woman who he claims denied him a seat next to her on crowded train suggesting it's was a racial incident. as mike carter-conneen reports he shared a photo describing what happened and it went viral. mike: since retiring from the nba etan thomas has become an activist, author and poet. his writing on facebook and twitter friday got attention describing how a woman on a crowded train denied him the seat next to her and says another man asked about the same seat she made room for him. thomas says he took this photo of the man and woman. both white. to be fair we blurred their faces because he just happened to sit there and she has not been identified or din her side of the story. thomas does not identify when or where it happened. we were unable to reach him for comment. on fac
5:58 pm
offered to give up his seat and the woman said, "don't pull the race card stuff with me. i dated a black guy in college." >> sounds racist to me. >> i don't know. >> i think it's rude. >> the last couple of days the photo has gone viral generating debate on social media. many vile and racist comments on facebook and twitter in particular. others question whether it's about race. some wondering if it's about thomas' size. one twitter user asking it's possibly because you were 6'10" and she didn't want to be squished? >> if i'm having a bad day i don't want anyone next to me. mike: at union station many thinks there is more to the story. >> everyone throws race out there. mike: but some african-american men says yes, even in 2015 this happens. a seat denied or a clutched purse. >> it may not be out in the open or express the feelings that they want to. but still a mind set. mike: at union stationm
5:59 pm
alison: that is it for "abc7 news at 5:00". we are on storm watch right now at 6:00, though. the heaviest rain will move through and when we will see highs in the 780's. plus a woman sexually assaulted on metro. in the middle of day. why the public was never warned about this. what police say led them to the attacker. exoneration in the freddie gray case. where the case goes from here. >> now, "abc7 news at 6:00". on your side. maureen: it has been a bumpy drive home. thanks to thunderstorms. leon: that is right. more on the way unfortunately. chief meteorologist doug hill is here fortunately. on storm watch to give us the word on the storms. doug: a close look at the show
6:00 pm
originating over southeast pennsylvania. had a severe rain, one reported earlier that was canceled earlier. so these are not severe. but they are seeing lightning and hail. right now the heaviest storms across calvert county. they moved across the bay. even the small hail reported. other patch of rain near baltimore. everything pushing south and west. we have ten and maybe up to three more hours of scattered showers and storms before it settles down. right now light for viewers that we have the area to watch closely. over the next few minutes. in fact, this indication may indicate the things are getting close to severe levels across portion of calvert county. we have an update in a few minutes. in the meantime we look forward to sunnier days ahead. for the short-term the gnats are in town. first pitch at 7:05. showers and storm could play a role in the early part of the game went look ahead to


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